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P. monodon and M. rosenbergii

Monodon India
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P. monodon production has been dependent on wild caught broodstock which were prone to disease and which had unfavourable growth rates compared to domesticated L. vannamei shrimp. However, today, some companies have managed to domesticate P. monodon in such a way that it now produces more disease resistant and faster growing animals than wild-caught broodstock. These companies are about to revitalise P. monodon production in Asia, and beyond.

Due to the competitive advantage of L. vannamei shrimp in intensive production systems, today most of the P. monodon that is still produced comes from extensive production systems. However, with improved genetics now available, P. monodon might become a viable alternative for semi-intensive farmers who need to have a plan B when they cannot compete in the global L. vannamei market. But if production increases, is the market ready to absorb it?
Willem van der Pijl
Chairperson / Willem van der Pijl

Since 2020, Willem is the owner of Shrimp Insights, a leading consulting and intelligence outfit within the shrimp sector. He has travelled across the shrimp industry in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US for over 10 years. Before starting Shrimp Insights he was co-founder and managing director of Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (Seafood-Tip) and the ShrimpTails magazine which he developed into one of the most well known shrimp industry intelligence platforms. Willem also held positions as aquaculture program developer for Wageningen University and Solidaridad Network, and was the head of Aqua Insights at Aqua-Spark. 

Program /
Advancement in P. monodon genetics and the expansion into China

Speaker: Robins McIntosh, Senior Vice President, CPF

The development of the shrimp sector in Bangladesh

Speaker: Khondokar Mahbubul Haque, Director General, Department of Fisheries

Revitalizing India's P. monodon sector

Speaker: Dhaval Contractor, Partner, Vaishnavi Aquatech

Panel discussion: P. monodon production future outlook


Robins McIntosh, Senior Vice President, CPF

Dhaval Contractor, Partner, Vaishnavi Aquatech

Khondokar Mahbubul Haque, Director General, Department of Fisheries

Le Van Quang, CEO, Minh Phu

Others to be announced

Coffee break
Scaling M. Rosenbergii Production in Thailand With Improved Genetics

Speaker: Glen Illing, Chief Strategy Officer, Enzootic

A Greenfield Farming Operation in Nigeria to Supply Global Premium P. Monodon Markets

Speaker: Harm Kampen, Technical Support Manager, Primstar

Panel Discussion: Market Reflections


Heiko Lenk, Managing Director, LENK Frozen Foods

Philippe Blais, Quality and Sustainability Director, Unima Group

Other panellists to be announced

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