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6th September
7th September
8th September


The Global Shrimp Forum will present to you a 2.5-day program packed with presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. The social program includes a welcome reception on day 0 and a gala dinner on day 1. Our aim is to have you leave the forum satisfied and inspired. 

Day one will start with a plenary session with keynote speakers, presentations and a panel on the state of the industry. After that, you will have the choice between 9 seminars which focus on the industry's most pressing issues and most interesting developments. In the seminars there will be room for presentations, panel discussions and interaction with the audience. The seminars take place spread over day one in the afternoon and day 2. Day 2 will finish with a plenary closing where you will be presented with a summary of the conference and a message to take home.

The preliminary topics of the 9 breakout sessions are listed below and more information with outlines of these seminars and invited speakers will be available to you soon.