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Eva Keferböck

Eva Kaferböck
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/ Eva Keferböck

For 12 years, Eva Keferböck was CEO of a fish company in Austria with farms and hatcheries for Salmonidae, a fresh fish production and smokery in Austria and a fish freezing plant in Italy. The company employed about 70 people in Austria and another 30 in Italy. The trade of sea fish, crustaceans and molluscs was part of the business.

Eva Keferböck was responsible for human resources, finance and control, supply chain management and also distribution to food retailers, wholesalers and gastronomy.

Since May 2022, Eva Keferböck has been CEO of the White Panther Production GmbH, which is owned by the Flick Foundation and located in Rottenmann, Styria, Austria.

White Panther Production GmbH is producing „Styrian Mountain Shrimp“ in Indoor RAS System with completely clear spring water, salt and minerals, and the warmth and energy from an wood gasification power plant. White Panther has its own hatchery, using the post-larvae for own needs, but also for customers all over Europe, GB, Saudi Arabia, and others.

The vision of White Panther is to produce shrimp and post-larvae with the least possible impact on the environment and nature, and give most of the needed resources needed back to nature.