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Francisco Saraiva Gomes, PhD

Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer
O 14 C
Panellist / Francisco Saraiva Gomes, PhD

Dr. Francisco Saraiva Gomes, Founding partner and Chief Investment Officer at Ocean 14 Capital, is an executive specialized in the aquaculture, seafood and animal protein production industries. Prior to O14C, Dr. Saraiva Gomes founded and led Pontos Aqua LLC, providing financing and de-risking solutions in aquaculture and seafood, spanning from managing third-party investments, co-investing in specific projects or advising on sustainable investment strategies. Prior to founding P14C, Francisco accumulated more than 25 years of operational experience, having managed operations in farming, health & nutrition, equipment & engineering, processing and marketing with direct P&L responsibility in more than 15 different countries. Francisco served as Director of the Board of the World Aquaculture Society and received his doctoral degree from Auburn University, USA, in Aquaculture, his undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from Lisbon University, Portugal, and Executive degree in Leadership & Management from Harvard Business School.