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Ismael Wong

Ismael Wong
Presenter & Panellist / Ismael Wong

Ismael is a Marine Biologist and holds a master’s degree in Aquaculture from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. He is also Senior Aquaculturist in Asia and the Pacific Region NACA (Network Aquaculture Centres in Asia) in the Philippines.

Ismael has 38-year experience in the shrimp industry collected in a wide variety of countries, like Colombia, Panama, the Philippines, Nicaragua and Honduras. Since 1988, he has been running the SeaJoy Group, a vertically-integrated shrimp company, which was recently acquired by COOKE Aquaculture, a Global seafood leader driven by innovation, superior products, and value to customers in an environmentally sustainable manner.

As CEO at SeaJoy Group-COOKE for Central America shrimp operations, he is responsible for 3,800 ha of shrimp farming operations in both Honduras and Nicaragua, with hatcheries, farms and packaging plant, producing 13,000 tons of premium certified shrimp delivered to various markets.

Involved in several organizations, including board member to ANDAH (Asociacion Nacional de Acuicultura de Honduras) and ANDA (Asociacion Nacional de Acuicultura de Nicaragua), he promotes development of a socially and environmentally sustainable aquaculture in the region.