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Kevin Fitzsimmons, PhD

/ Kevin Fitzsimmons, PhD

Dr. Fitzsimmons is a co-founder and judge for the 3 Future of Fish Feeds Initiative and their associated F3 Challenges. Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons is a past President of the World Aquaculture Society and a Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Arizona. His research and extension work since 1981 at the University of Arizona have focused on improving the sustainability of the aquaculture industry in the US and abroad. A specialty has been polyculture systems with shrimp to reduce disease. Dr. Fitzsimmons received grants to work on the aquaculture display at The Land, EPCOT Center, Disney World, led the food production design and planning for BioSphere 2, and was a PI on multiple projects with the Aquaculture CRSP/Innovation Lab. In 2017, he was awarded his second Fulbright Fellowship, a research grant working on commercialization of alternative ingredients for aquaculture feeds with three Universities in Southeast Asia. In addition to his Arizona faculty position he served as Team Leader for a four-year EU sponsored project “Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Project” MYSAP. He is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor with the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok and a visiting Professor at KAUST University in Saudi Arabia. Kevin also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Monterey Bay Aquarium – Seafood Watch program. These related efforts are all devoted to improving the commercial and environmental sustainability of farmed seafood and encouraging markets to support producers and their high-quality seafood products across the value chain.