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Robin Pearl

CEO and Founder
Robin Pearl
Sun Shrimp
Panellist / Robin Pearl

Entrepreneur who has founded several companies in diverse fields with sustainable undertones. Developed API High Vigor shrimp broodstock that is now helping shrimp farmers worldwide to once again have productive shrimp crops that have a huge impact for them, their families and their communities. Main supplier of shrimp post larvae to shrimp farms in North America and the EU. Operator of one of the most intense DNA based shrimp genetic programs in the world. With its own on-site high throughput DNA lab we are able to develop shrimp stocks for every type of farm around the world. 

Created Sun Shrimp - Fresh from Florida. One of the leading fresh shrimp farmers in the USA. All natural, fresh, sustainable and available daily year round, SUN shrimp are used by top chefs and restaurants throughout North America.