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Roxanne Nanninga

Chief Sustainability Officer
Roxanne Nanninga
Presenter / Roxanne Nanninga

Roxanne is Chief Sustainability Officer for XpertSea, a company using technology and finance to create a more transparent and equitable seafood supply chain. Roxanne leads XpertSea's strategic initiatives to align farming practices with international demand for responsibly-sourced seafood. In her previous role at Thai Union she led wide-reaching initiatives on human rights, fishing and farming practices, traceability, packaging, climate change, and more as part of Thai Union’s global team. She has worked in multiple sectors, from environmental non-profit to international corporations, to founding a startup, in order to address complex challenges facing global fisheries and ocean conservation. In each role she has focused on solutions that meet a triple bottom line objectives, leveraging partnerships and multi-stakeholder collaboration to drive social and environmental performance alongside profits. She holds a masters degree from Duke University in Environmental Management and International Development.