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Innovation and Technology

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Today, shrimp farming operations around the world have not been very technology driven. Only some of the more advanced farmers have been adopting technological solutions that make their farming operations smarter, less risky and more efficient and sustainable. Mostly these are medium and larger size farms, but not the 100,000s small scale farmers that dominate the industry.

Due to the high degree of fragmentation in the supply chain and the large number of small-scale farmers out there, it’s hard to drive technology adoption. Many small-scale farmers have different priorities, such as the access to inputs, financial services and markets. The fragmentation of the supply chain also makes traceability from pond to plate hard to maintain.

In this seminar we will investigate some of the technologies driving efficiency and sustainability at the farming level, some technologies helping to overcome specific challenges of small scale farmers, and some technologies helping to maintain traceability in the supply chain. We will leave you with inspiration and food for thought about how the future of shrimp farming and supply chains might look like.
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How Technology and Data have Started to Change the Direction of the Shrimp Industry

The range of technologies that the shrimp industry is now exposed to ranges from smart feeding and water quality management, to biomass estimation and health management, to trading platforms and digital traceability solutions. With this presentation you will get an overview of the most promising and upcoming technologies and you will better understand how the generation and smart use of data is an integral part of most of these solutions.

Speaker: Tom Prins, Head of Dealflow, Aqua-Spark

Pitch and Panel: The New Kids on the Block Penetrating the Market


Gibran Huzaifah, CEO, eFishery

Rajamanohar Somasundaram, CEO, Aquaconnect

Valerie Robitaille, CEO, XpertSea

Maisie Ganzler, Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Bon Appetit Management Company

Moderated by: Amy Novogratz, Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark

Corporate Perspectives on Tech Adoption in the Shrimp Industry in Ecuador and LATAM (Part 1)

Speakers: Allan Cooper, Director of Business and Value Creation, Vitapro

Coffee Break
Corporate Perspectives on Tech Adoption in the Shrimp Industry in Ecuador and LATAM (part 2)

Speakers: Ignacio (Nacho) González Hernández, CEO, Nueva Pescanova

Traceability solutions for the shrimp industry

Traceability is one of the most discussed topics related to the shrimp industry. Due to the high level of fragmentation in the supply chain it is hard to maintain traceability and chain of custody from pond to plate. Digital traceability solutions which record each transaction along the supply chain play an increasingly important role in improving traceability in shrimp supply chains. Together with other technologies designed to prove the origin of shrimp, these solutions are gaining traction in the marketplace.

Speaker: Eric Enno Tamm, CEO, This Fish Inc.

Panel discussion: Traceability solutions


Jayson Berryhill, Co-Founder, WholeChain

Carol Scott, Technical Account Manager, IdentiGEN-MSD Animal Health

Wendy Banta, Supply Chain Assurance Manager, ASC

Huw Thomas, Europe, Middle East and Africa Market Development, Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability

Emiel Beekwilder, Quality Manager – Food, Albert Heijn

Moderated by: Eric Enno Tamm, CEO, This Fish