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Amy Novogratz, Managing Partner

Amy Novogratz
Seminar Chair / Amy Novogratz, Managing Partner

Amy’s career as a change maker has focused on building collaborative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Through working with the deep ocean scientist Sylvia Earle on an ocean conservation initiative, Amy and her partner realised the urgency of reducing pressure on our ocean and saw investing in the transformation of aquaculture to a healthier and more sustainable food system as the solution. They launched Aqua-Spark, the first global investment fund dedicated to sustainable aquaculture in 2013, and have built a global ecosystem of portfolio companies, partners and investors who share their vision. In the decade prior, Amy served as as director of the TED Conference’s annual TED Prize, leading more than twenty global collaborations across a broad spectrum of sectors, including healthcare, education, science, technology, conservation, art, and activism. With TED, her list of notable projects include: Jamie Oliver’s Food revolution, JR’s Inside Out Project, and Bono’s and Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue. Before TED Amy helped to launch start ups in both social policy and media.