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Cui He, PhD

Dr Cui He (CAPPMA)
Presenter & Panellist / Cui He, PhD

Dr. Cui He, President of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA), has been working at CAPPMA since 2007. Under his leadership, CAPPMA insists on serving the industry and members with high sense of responsibility, plays a positive role in promoting the improvement of processing technology and management of aquatic products in China, standardizing and prospering the aquatic products market, improving the economic, ecological and social benefits of aquatic products processing and marketing industry. During the tenure, Dr. Cui takes a broad view of good convergence and coordinated development of every link in the industrial chain, focus on market changes of fish, shrimp, shellfish and other major trading varieties at domestic and overseas market, understands the trend and operation rules, and guides the healthy development of the industry.

With over 30-year relevant working experience, Dr. Cui worked in China Society of Fisheries, China Fisheries magazine, Bureau of Fisheries and Fisheries Law Enforcement Ministry of Agriculture, National Fisheries Technology Extension Center, and China Fisheries Association. Dr. Cui published over 60 academic papers, both domestic and overseas, and participated in many important international academic issues.