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Setting the Stage

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This year’s opening and plenary session of the inaugural edition of the Global Shrimp Forum sets the stage for an annual event where the global leaders of the $20 billion farmed shrimp industry gather to discuss the most pressing issues the industry faces today, and to align on a vision about how to secure a resilient future for the industry. This involves a wide range of topics; from understanding supply and demand dynamics, the legal and regulatory frameworks, to the sustainability and social challenges that the industry needs to solve to ensure that it can be a sustainable, healthy and socially responsible source of protein for the growing world population.

In the first part of this plenary session, three keynote speakers will share their perspectives on how the shrimp industry can play its role in solving the world’s largest challenges. In the second part of the plenary session we will introduce the conference programme. You will be left with inspiration and food for thought that you can take along in the 9 break-out seminars which over the next one and a half day cover all these topics in more depth.
Program /

By: Melanie Siggs, Vice President of The Centre for Responsible Seafood

and Chris Ninnes, Chairman of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Introducing GSF and the State of the Industry

By: Willem van der Pijl, Co-founder and board member of the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

and Esther Luiten, Co-founder and board member Global Shrimp Forum Foundation

Keynote: A Wake Up Call from a Retailer Perspective

Retails are confronted with increasingly stringent legislation - such as the EU due diligence directive - which require them to engage with their suppliers to map social and environmental risks in their supply chains and to make plans to mitigate those risks. Moreover, retailers' corporate commitments to reduce their carbon footprint, including that of their entire value chain, require suppliers to also work on plans to reduce their carbon footprint. Not to mention the pressure put on retailers by other stakeholders. This speech is a wake up call to all companies in the shrimp industry that are part of retailers' supply chains to prepare themselves for action.

By: Hugo Byrnes, Vice President Product Integrity, Ahold Delhaize

Coffee Break
Keynote: Building Cultures of Sustainability

We’re in the middle of a fundamental societal transition towards a greener future and more sustainable society. Companies and organizations are following this shift, either willingly or forced by government regulations. Transition means chaos, since power structures shift, the (un)written rules get rewritten, new players enter the stage, accomplished players need to reinvent themselves. 

The way we try to solve our problems and put out the fire is with technological solutions and new business cases. Those definitely help but don’t deliver the fundamental shift we need. This transition is not only about technology and the business case, but much more about people, behaviour and collective mindset. The challenge is: how to embed sustainability into the DNA of your company? How to integrate sustainability in your corporate culture? Then it helps to understand how culture works and changes, since people are building tribes and dealing with change for about 50,000 years already. 

Experience teaches us that everyone changes but nobody wants to be forced to change. Culture is about shared meaning and change is more about building a movement. Building a movement is about brave leadership, a wildly attractive narrative of change, about bending or breaking rules to build a new system, about experimenting, failing and designing local solutions. And above all else, about honest and tough conversations.

By: Walter Faaij, Corporate Anthropologist, Green Culture Lab

Industry Leadership Panel

Representatives of the five main shrimp producing countries will join in an industry leadership panel to address their ambitions, hopes and desires in terms of securing a resilient future of the shrimp industry. 


Cui He, President, CAPPMA

Nguyen Hoai Nam, Deputy General Secretary, VASEP (Vietnam)

Carlos Miranda, President of the Board, CNA Ecuador

Rokhmin Dahuri Ismail, Advisor, KKP Indonesia

Others to be announced

Moderated by: Melanie Siggs

Keynote: Feeding the World Sustainably

By: Berry Marttin, Member of the Managing Board, Rabobank Group