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Olivier Decamp, PhD

Group Technical Director
Olivier Decamp
Presenter / Olivier Decamp, PhD

Olivier Decamp has a degree in biology from University of Namur (Belgium) and a PhD in Zoology from the University of Leicester (UK). In 2021, he joined Grobest, taking up the role of Group Technical, Marketing and Product Director. He has a vast experience in aquaculture, having worked for over 20 years in shrimp farming in Asia and the Americas specializing in intensive shrimp farming. Before joining Grobest, he held different roles at INVE Aquaculture (part of Benchmark Group), covering R&D and Product Management. His earlier part of career was spent in the UK (The Natural History Museum, London), Japan (research laboratories in Hiroshima) and USA (The Oceanic Institute in Hawaii). He has published 1 patent and over 70 papers, and has given numerous presentations at scientific conferences.