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Valerie Robitaille

Co-Founder and CEO
Valerie Robitaille
Panellist / Valerie Robitaille

Valerie Robitaille is the Founder and Chair of the Board at XpertSea, a technology company transforming how seafood is farmed and sourced to help feed the world. A marine scientist and aquaculture technology innovator, Valerie's early passion for oceans and tech led to academic degrees at the Maine Maritime Institute and the National Institute of Scientific Research. After her studies she and her partner made scientific breakthroughs and developed applications for using optics and photonics in commercial marine environments. When these innovations attracted the interest of seafood companies, Valerie and her partners founded XpertSea to solve technology gaps and make aquaculture more profitable and sustainable. Today XpertSea's AI-powered innovations help shrimp farmers in countries across the world access better data, make better decisions, and achieve better financial outcomes. As demand for sustainable protein grows, Valerie and XpertSea are using research, development and innovation to create a more transparent, profitable and sustainable supply chain for the global shrimp market.