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Break-out session: Technology and innovation - Farmers x Tech

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In this session, we will have four farmers from different regions and of different scales of production on stage. The farmers will listen to pitches from three tech suppliers. One company that provides a power management solution that helps to save energy costs and prevent mortalities due to power failure. One company is about to launch a satellite-based water quality monitoring service that will help farmers to better understand water quality performance in their ponds. And one company offers a rental-based smart feeding solution that helps farmers to save costs on feeding their shrimp. After each pitch, the farmers and tech providers will engage in a discussion, and around these discussions, there will be ample opportunity for the audience to get involved.
Anton Immink
Think Aqua
/ Anton Immink

Anton Immink has more than 25 years’ experience of aquaculture sector development across Asia, Africa and Europe. He has worked with international organisations, governments, major seafood buyers and supply chain companies, but Anton is most passionate about the long-term involvement of smallholder farmers in value chains. He wants to find solutions for farmers and regulators to address the many challenges that aquaculture continues to face as the sector grows, including environmental management at farm and resource level, coordinated health control, sustainable and quality inputs, better use of data, and equitable access to innovation. Anton is CEO of ThinkAqua, an NGO that will work with partners around the world to address these challenges.

Program /
Farmers x Tech

The farmers: 

Issac Kokkiligadda, Owner, Patnam Fisheries, India

Gabriel Biguria, Vice President, Acuamaya, Guatemala

Andrew Widjaya, Owner, Shrimp Farm, Indonesia

The tech suppliers: 

Pavan Kosaraju, CEO and co-founder, Aqua Exchange 

Fernando Pino, CEO and co-founder, Biofeeder

Suyash Singh, CEO and co-founder, GalaxEye

Closing remarks