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Break-out session: Feed and feed ingredients (pt 2)

Hands holding shrimp feed (credit to aquaconnect)
Scope /
In this year's shrimp feed manufacturing and feed ingredient landscape, we will first listen to Rabobank's update on the global commodity market. After that, we will have two executives of a major feed manufacturer from Ecuador and a major feed manufacturer from Asia reflect on regional differences in feed manufacturing trends and challenges, and how they look at the future.

After the lunch break, we will then look at the feed ingredient landscape. First, ASC will tell more about the rationale of its feed standard and the implications that it will have for feed manufacturers supplying ASC-certified producers. Then we will listen to updates about the marine ingredient and the plant-based ingredient supply situations and the challenges or implications they foresee for feed companies that need to comply with the ASC feed standard or other upcoming regulations.

The last part of the session will focus on three innovation showcases related to the feed manufacturing landscape. We will look at the extent of adoption of smart automated feeding solutions and the differences in adoption between Latin America and Asia. We will look at how single-cell protein production is being scaled and when these ingredients will become available to the shrimp industry at scale. And we will look at fish-free shrimp feed formulations and whether it's likely that these types of formulations ever become competitive in the mainstream market.
Ronnie Tan
US Grains Council
/ Ronnie Tan

Ronnie currently serves on the advisory board of Calysta, USA; as regional aquaculture consultant with the US Grains Council and is an advisor to BASF, Germany. He also acts as a mentor at Hatch – an aquaculture startup accelerator. Ronnie recently stepped down as Vice-President at Blue Archipelago – the largest integrated shrimp enterprise in Malaysia, responsible for downstream operations. He was Executive Director and board member at Regal Springs Group – the largest tilapia integrator in the world. He co-led the sale of the company. He started his career building the aquaculture feed division in the Gold Coin Group – a major feed company in Asia

Program /
An update on the global commodity market

Speaker: Carlos Mera, Executive Director Agri-Commodities Markets Research, Rabobank

Navigating an uncertain world: An Asian perspective on the feed manufacturing outlook

Speaker: TBA

Navigating an uncertain world: A Latin American perspective on the feed manufacturing outlook

Speaker: Carlos Miranda, General Manager, Skretting Ecuador

Interview with two feed company executives

Interviewees: Carlos Miranda, General Manager, Skretting Ecuador, and one more TBA

ASC's feed standard

Speaker: Michiel Fransen, Standards and Science Director, ASC

Marine ingredients outlook and status of sustainability

Speaker: Petter Johannessen, Director-General, IFFO

Plant-based ingredients outlook and status of sustainability

Speaker: A speaker from Cargill TBA

Panel: The availability of sustainable feed ingredients and practical sourcing challenges


Petter Johannessen, Director-General, IFFO

Francisco Aldon, CEO, MarinTrust

Other panelists TBA

Moderated by: Ronnie Tan


Coffee break
Showcase 1: Improving growth while reducing costs with smart feeding solutions

Speaker: Andrew Campbell, CEO, AQ1

Showcase 2: Building an alternative feed ingredient business

Speaker: Allan LeBlanc, VP Head of Animal Feed, Calysta

Showcase 3: Developing a mainstream sustainable feed proposition

Speaker: Jesper Clausen, Director for Aqua Nutrition and Technology, Royal de Heus

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